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The next meeting will be held at the Five Ways Pub Heath Hayes WS12 3HU on Tuesday May 8th at 8.30pm for 9.00pm start

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Read the following Club Rules & Safety notes

Important issues are always shown in Red

Sunday car boots are running until about second Sunday in May then should be clear for about 13 weeks

No flying until traders have left and litter pickers have cleared up, usually about 3.30

Check for sheep on site, either field, the two fields are linked, make sure that the gate is always closed

 Members are reminded that the Club has a strict 'No Guest' rule

NO EXCEPTIONS other than for someone who would like to try their hand at flying and  cannot yet fly at all. This is limited to 3 visits and is covered within the Club Liability Insurance. The number of flights in a visit are not limited

The BMFA are specific in saying that 'Cover will only be in place when the flights are being personally supervised by a nominated Club member approved by the Club Committee' - no exceptions

Some members have been allowing non member individuals to fly that can already fly

Parking is now no further down than the mown pits area - previously was no parking any further down than pegboard

Parking outside the mown area can only be towards the Cocksparrow Lane end against the hedge

Note: We get no indication of when either Dog shows or Circuses could be on so watch this space and info will be posted as, if or when we find out.

Flying is not allowed when such events are occupying either of the two fields

Always assume that there are sheep in the fields (2) at all times and keep the gate always shut.

Even when sheep are in the opposite field, they can still enter our field from the gate at the bottom so always close the gate even though the sheep may be in the other field when you arrive

The BMFA have stated, that due to Insurance stipulations, all members dealing with Children or Vulnerable Adults must be in possession of a current Enhanced CRB Check.  It is their policy that for Club use, CRB checks are not transferable from other organisations and anyone wishing to offer help to these groups must first be in possession of the check.  The BMFA can organise the check FOC and without one, no one should get involved with these groups.  If you fancy getting a check done on yourself, ring the BMFA otherwise you must not become involved with Children or Vulnerable Adults within Club activities.

Check this  out if you think we have problems (click your mouse to advance) and also take a look here and check out 'most popular photos of all time'

A number of members have expressed serious concern relating to pit safety and certain flying practices


Flying from the pits - whatever the aircraft type

Taxiing back into the pits

The directions which different types of aircraft point during start up

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Optical illusions - click on the eye to find out more & once loaded to get the full effect select Browse | Full Screen then click your Spacebar to advance.

Remember to only drive down the track or the hedge side it in order to minimise damage to the Farmers field

After recent advice appearing In the December issue of  BMFA News, crash photographs have now been removed from the Website. Sorry Lads..



Feeling stressed, don't kick the dog try Bang Bang ~ click on the Cross

Can't fly due to the weather? turn  the volume right up and give Galaxians or Wild Wild West some hammer or take it out on Bang Bang

It has been suggested that as the main track has deep furrows, those whose vehicles are likely to bottom out on the centre bit, keep to the car hedge side of it only when driving in and out of the field so as to not un-necessarily destroy the grass crop to the flight line side of the track

Another Radio Control Flying discussion group - try it at

Radio Control Flying discussion group - try it at

Keep our Flying field tidy

It only takes the same effort to throw your rubbish in your Car boot as on the ground!

So take it home with you

If you are last out of the Field, ensure that the gate is padlocked

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